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Partnership Program

As a Business Partner, you can head an autonomous business division under your own branding, but as a business division of Xynez. The products or services you offer shall not have conflicting interests with any of Xynez existing offerings.
As a Co-branding Partner, you manage a business division of Xynez, under our branding. Website-related services such as design, hosting and domain name shall be provided by us. Additional capital funding is subjected to evaluation.
As a Solution Partner, you provide one or more solutions to a business divisions of Xynez. You will provide your solutions as a service under an appropriate business division, while we handle all sales lead and direct more sales to you.
As a VC Partner, Xynez may provide funding and management expertise to varying degree, depending on the business proposals submitted. Subject to our evaluation, Xynez manages a Venture Capital fund to provide capital for high potential start-ups. Upon approval, VC Partners must list Xynez as an investor, with a link from the website or any other media communications.
As a Franchise Partner, you are given the exclusive rights to offer specific products and services by Xynez to your local geographic market.

Inquire for more partnership opportunities. Or if you have any ideas to share, feel free to contact us!

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