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Xynez Corporate Brand Refresh

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Xynez is currently undergoing a corporate brand refresh. Stay tune as our brand story evolves… Here is our old logo: And this is a sneak preview of our new logo: The new core identity for the Xynez brand is created with the following premises: to be gender neutral, modern, professional and upmarket. Xynez will gradually implement a consistent brand image across all our business...

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Launch of SG Wine Shop

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SG Wine Shop ( is launched in July 2012, to serve Singapore consumers of wines, beers and other spirits. Alcohols are delivered directly to you at your convenience. Wines are even served chilled, so that they are ready for your consumption upon delivery! Visit SG Wine Shop to browse through our range of alcohols available!

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New round of funding for new or growing start-ups

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Xynez is proud to announce a new round of funding for new or growing start-ups by qualified individuals or businesses. One of the most recent business divisions of Xynez have been with us for almost a year. Xynez Yacht Charter ( provides international yacht services. Through us, Xynez linked up Xynez Yacht Charter with Xynez Events LLP ( to create YachtCharter.SG ( as one of its first few regional partners for the Singapore market. The partnership continues to create mutual...

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Rebranding of Xynez International to Xynez

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Xynez International is now rebranded as Xynez to reflect a diversification of our business divisions beyond just going international. Xynez will continue to support existing business divisions as we look for opportunities to grow our portfolio.

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A new business division, Xynez Events Management

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Officially as of July 7, 2011, Xynez Events ( has been added as a new business division of Xynez Events is a full-service events management and consultancy company based in Singapore. A professional team handles all aspects of events management from planning, marketing, to the execution itself, so you can leave everything to us, while we ensure that your events will be successful and memorable. Even if we may not be able to offer everything ourselves, Xynez Events is constantly looking to establish strong strategic...

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Consolidation of all businesses under Xynez International

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Effective as of July 1, 2011, Xynez International ( has been formed to consolidate all businesses under one Xynez branding. Xynez Global Media ( is the first business division to be operating under Xynez International, and will be the leading engine for our foray into the digital and interactive media industry. Xynez Global Media is an alliance of digital media companies including Xynez Web Services ( and Express Web Solution...

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