About Xynez

Xynez is a fast-growing lifestyle company with a diverse range of innovative products and services, offered through our several business divisions and strong alliances with strategic industry partners. We believe strongly in fostering global innovations every day at Xynez.

Our Company

A lifestyle company

At the heart of Xynez, lifestyle remains the core focus in our businesses from the founding of Xynez till today.

Global innovations

Relentlessly innovating and reinventing our business and the way we do things in Xynez, to make an impact across the globe.

Strategic networking

No man is an island, no company succeed alone, thus Xynez believes deeply in building strong partnerships and strategic alliances.


For strategic growth, stability and the continued success of our various business divisions.

A distinctive approach

In business and management, we take a distinctive approach to add value to the community through our global innovations.

Giving back to society

Because we want to go beyond just doing good, we strive to do better, and be the best at what we do.

Our Brand

The octopus was chosen to represent Xynez’s core identity in our logo. A highly intelligent and adaptable marine creature, the aquatic octopus truly reflects the evolving business model of Xynez as well as the company’s roots in yacht chartering. The eight arms that famously characterise the octopus represent the diverse range of professional services that we offer at Xynez.

Drawing inspiration from a fresh green apple, an energetic bright green colour was chosen as our brand colour to represent our identity as a fresh, contemporary, vibrant and dynamic company. This sole colour was selected to reflect the inherent focus and drive of the company, whilst facilitating brand development and expansion as Xynez adapts and evolves.

Our Team

Derek Choo

Executive Director / Co-founder

Desmond Choo

Executive Director / Co-founder

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We are proudly based in Singapore!

7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987

+65 6850 5059

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